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Garden Goddess Botanicals
Natural Skin Healing Salve

Plantain Healing Salve

This all-natural salve is an exceptionally popular "Super Balm" that will nourish, replenish and rejuvenate damaged skin. It is commonly used for dry skin, scrapes, abrasions, superficial burns, BUG BITES, stings, eczema, inflammation, stretch marks, cold sores, sunburn, babies diaper rash and as a vaginal lubricant for sensitive skin. Makes an incredible lubricant for massage. Soothes most skin irritations. It is amazing as a dry hand & foot emollient - repairs cracked heels and hands quickly. This salve is so gentle that it can be applied to most skin types, including those with sensitive skin and children too. Also heals your dog & cat family SKIN & it won't harm them if they SHOULD lick it off! A must for every medicine cabinet & first aid kit.

(No Kidding - this stuff really works!!!)

From Moon Dance Hollow this salve is hand made in small batches on our lovely, little organic farm in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. We use fresh herbs & plants grown in our own organic garden & hand-gathered from our fields. Always crafted with love & respect for Mother Earth.

Healers have traditionally used the herbs in our natural skin healing salve throughout the ages to treat MANY skin conditions. They are infused into extra virgin olive oil for 6 weeks, & then combined with vitamin e oil & beeswax to create this incredible healing salve. We NEVER use metal containers for any of skin care products! This salve comes in a beautiful cobalt blue glass jar. Available in 1.5 or 4 oz jars Makes a wonderful gift.

Not to be used on open wounds.

Plantain Healing Salve

Suggestions for dry skin use:

• Apply salve to hands and slip on gloves. Leave gloves on for a couple of hours or overnight.

• Apply salve to feet and slip on socks. Wear during the day or overnight.

• Apply salve face and eyes at bedtime. Works wonders for fine lines and wrinkles.

• You can also use your favorite moisturizing cream or lotion on top of our salve for extra luxurious skin.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you have ordering problems.

$10.00 for 1.75oz Jar + shipping
$15.00 for 4oz Jar + shipping

If you are retailer and are interested in adding our products to your inventory, please contact us for more information on wholesale prices and terms.


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